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Industrial Outdoor Storage is tomorrow's growth market

Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS) has undergone a significant transformation over the past few years. It has gone from being a small-scale operation mostly owned by individual investors to a market valued at $200 billion. The sector has been rapidly growing, attracting significant investment from institutional investors and private equity firms.

As the demand for e-commerce and logistics continues to soar, the need for industrial storage space has never been higher. With ample square footage and a secure, weather-resistant environment, industrial outdoor storage provides the perfect solution for businesses looking to store and manage their products, vehicles, and equipment.The demand for IOS facilities has risen due to the growth of e-commerce during the pandemic and the need for businesses to have locations for last-mile delivery and access to ports and major industrial corridors. This property type is primarily used for truck terminals, trailer storage, container storage, pallet storage, and construction equipment yards. The majority of IOS facilities are used for trucking and truck parking, especially by third-party logistics companies.

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